Majority wants Referendum, not necessarily a “No” Vote

Reaction to the Public Hearing on October 17, 2007 (Part 1)

At last night’s meeting there were more who spoke out against the Board of Supervisors’ funding the plan than those who favored it. However, the majority of those who opposed, asked for a referendum, meaning they wanted the citizens to vote, not the Board of Supervisors. The majority did not ask the Board to say “no“, they said “ask US, the taxpayers of this county“. Seems reasonable enough to me.

But it’s the School Board that has to call for a referendum not the Board of Supervisors.

If this is such an important issue, then why wasn’t there a unanimous request for this referendum? Could it be that the supporters of this plan don’t care about what their neighbors think?

Are they worried that the majority of their neighbors don’t want to fund this kind of project for this kind of money? Or are they just worried that the price is going to go higher the longer we wait for a final decision.

So, instead of requesting that the people of this county make an educated decision, they’d rather force a select few to make a decision for them. Why? Because they’re not willing to pay any more dollars if this in fact is something the public is willing to pay for.

But if it’s worth building at 100 million dollars, then it’s worth building at 101 million dollars. After all, “you can’t put a price tag on our children’s education”. Not that I’ve ever seen or heard of building facilities actually educating a child.

What if the general public isn’t willing to pay for this project?

What if they say, “No way!

What if they pack up their families and move out? Longstanding pillars of the community…people who made Fluvanna County what it is today. Good riddance? Whose children are we looking to help anyway? Isn’t it the current county’s children who are in need…as opposed to the future county that will form as a result of the present county being taxed off their property?

What if they voice their opposition by removing their children from the public school system and choosing to home school instead? Oh no, then the population in the schools will go down…and our projections of enrollment growth stagnates or goes in the opposite direction. Eegads.

Why not offer tax relief to those in the county who wish to home school or pay private institutions to educate their children. I bet the enrollment capacity issues diminish and this burden on the public school system won’t be so unbearable.

The responsible and considerate thing to do at this point is for the School Board to call for a referendum. For this kind of money, the people deserve to have a vote.

What do you think?

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