How to Earn $20,000 Dollars in 20 Days – Guaranteed!

I first heard about this 20K/20Day challenge from Lynn Terry a month ago. There was a lot going on at that time, like getting my federal income tax return filed by October 15th. (I had to file an extension because my computer crashed in early April and although I had the return completed to file, ALL of my backup data was GONE! So I had to build it all back up again, I didn’t want to file a return without having the backup on hand.)

Anyway, I wasn’t prepared to jump on board this challenge at the time, but I am now. In fact, I just did yesterday.

So, today (November 2) is actually Day 2 of the challenge for me, and I’m right on schedule.

Personally, I’m a big fan of checklists and deadlines. And that is the beauty behind this program. The man behind the program, Michael Green lays out in detail step by step what to do to meet this challenge (through a quality product that you can call your own). And I’m all over it.

Each day I’ll be checking in here and keeping you abreast of my progress (without giving too many details, of course). The reason being so I can keep myself accountable to someone for staying on track…AND…to motivate and inspire you to consider this challenge for yourself.

I’ll admit the price of this package is not “cheap”, but it certainly is doable if you’re serious about completing the task at hand. If you approach the challenge with an “I’ll try” attitude, I guarantee you will not succeed. Why? Because frankly, after reading the whole manual last night, it’s going to take WORK. Not blood, sweat & tears, but determination and effort.

If you can approach this challenge with an “I’ll do it” attitude, and actually DO the work, you are guaranteed success …according to Michael Green, that is. So, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Well, I’m off to do today’s tasks. In the meantime, check out the program for yourself!
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