Day 5 of the $20K in 20 Days Challenge

Technically, today is day 5 of the 2020 Challenge, and I’m on day 5. That’s a pretty big accomplishment since many of my colleagues get a little stuck on day 3. But then again I had a little head start before signing up for the challenge, knowing day 3 was a tough one to get past.

Anyway, things are going well. I’m still very excited and motivated to keep moving forward, but I have to admit…this is a BIG challenge (but it’s also a BIG payoff). I can’t give too many details here, but if you’re interested in taking something like this on, then read up on it at The 2020 Challenge website. Afterwards come back here to ask any questions or post any comments you might have. I’ll be happy to share a little more about my personal experience.

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