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Today I had the rare opportunity of being at my computer just as my friend & colleague, Lynn Terry was kicking off her weekly free webinar. This week’s subject was Blog SEO: Easy Tips for Blog Optimization. I found it very helpful since I’ve been wanting to do more with this blog than I have in the past.

A few of the Blogging SEO Tips I gleaned from this week’s session were:

  1. Getting my Title Bar to read the Title of my Blog Post only. Up until now on this blog, my name always showed up first on every page. While it’s nice to see my name all over the place, it’s not as important as the subject of each of my posts. So, thank you, Lynn. I was able to fix that.
  2. Filling my Blog Post Title with keyword phrases. Okay, I kind of knew this one already, but this point was brought up in the meeting…a very good point, BTW.
  3. Category Names Count A LOT! I knew they were important, but Roy Montero stressed the SEO significance today. My category names here are rather plain at the moment, but I might be jazzing them up a bit. Not so that they’ll be flashy, but rather so that they reflect search terms people would actually type into their web browsers.
  4. Truncating the URL of individual blog posts. Lynn (among others) recommends having your permalink (blogging terminology) actually include the name of your blog. Well, sometimes the URLs of these links can be really long. When I email someone and want to include a link to a post, oftentimes the URL won’t stay clickable in my emails because it wraps due to its length. She gave a great tip on how to truncate it.
  5. Characters don’t count when it comes to SEO! I often wondered about this point. For example I have the category name “Faith/Religion”. I wasn’t sure if the search engines saw that as two separate words or one continuous word. Well, I learned today they see that as two words. The symbol counts as a “space”, in the eyes of Google anyway. Lynn shared another tip about this as well, but I don’t have time at the moment to get into that right now.

Well, this is just a short list, but this is some of what I got out of today’s session. If you’re looking for some great advice & information on Internet Marketing and the various components of working online, I recommend checking out one of these webinars. They’re free and open for Q & A.

If your schedule is tight and you can’t make it at the time it takes place live, then I encourage you to head on over to Lynn’s Website & Discussion Forum. There you can learn internet marketing tips for free all day long (and all night, too). I’ll be there shortly to get a few more of my questions that were generated today answered.

As for the tips she mentioned in the webinar that I referred to above, I believe she’s putting together a Blogging SEO tip sheet. So if you’re interested, stay tuned.

BTW, if you scroll down the bottom of her website’s home page, that’s my testimonial there. As you can tell, she’s been a huge influence on me.

Check it out! -> Self Starters Weekly Tips

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