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I’ve been on Jim Edwards’ mailing list for a few years now…he helped me (indirectly) launch my most popular website, Well, I’m in the middle of preparing to launch a new product and am putting the finishing touches on my salesletter, and I just received a notice of his most recent article, 4 Reasons Why People Buy Now.

He made some excellent points, which led me back to the drawing board with my salesletter.

Not that I had to start over, but I wanted to weave in the excellent points he made. He gives a great example with gift card retailers and how they market (or mis-market) their product…

In fact, gift card retailers make the oldest and most fatal mistake in all of sales: selling on features rather than on benefits.

In other words, they try to sell based on what the gift cards do (let someone pick what they want) rather than on what gift cards do for the person who buys them.

The product that I’m offering is an informational guide about a wallcovering product with product samples and a demonstration video included. I found myself promoting the wallcovering product, which is the subject of this informational product and all the benefits it will provide to the customer, but I goofed up by not demonstrating the benefits of this informational product itself.

Jim explains that 99% of people who buy online, do so for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Money
  2. Time & Effort
  3. Escape Physical or Mental Pain
  4. Promise of Increased Popularity & Social Success

He gives further explanation and examples of how to implement each of these reasons into one’s marketing efforts, and he does a great job of it. I’m taking what he wrote and incorporating the benefits for my info-product into my sales letter right now.

He also speaks of two emotions that will intensify their effectiveness: Fear & Greed. I already tapped into that, but I think I can improve on that as well.

If you find yourself needing to “promote” something to somebody online (whether it’s a product or an idea), I suggest checking out this article for yourself and see how you can implement these points in your copy writing project. These will undoubtedly help your readers to buy into your promotion. Good luck!

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