Fluvanna Baptist Church: Building an Addition

Fluvanna Baptist ChurchWe’ve been attending Fluvanna Baptist Church for over six months now and we love it. I’ve grown up visiting this church since this is where my aunt & uncle have been attending for almost 2 decades, so there’s more history here than just the past six months. In fact, my cousin is buried here. So this site has special meaning to me besides the fact that my family now attends church here.

Well, I’m not sure exactly when it began, but they’ve been building an addition to it for YEARS, and it’s so close to being complete. Why has it taken so long? Well for one, they’ve paid for every step of the phase with current funds. And for whatever reason they reached a standstill for a while, but now they’re pushing forward.

The ground is being dug up right now to install the electricity. Funds have recently been and are continuing to be collected through sales of a music CD produced by the Praise Band called The Body. 100% of the proceeds go towards the building fund. Barbara Lintecum, the female vocal on the CD, is a personal friend of mine and she has achieved amazing strides at getting this CD to the local market.

Well, earlier this summer I suggested we try to sell the CD online opening our audience reach. Of course, she was all over it, but internet marketing is not her thing…however it is mine. So, I created a website to help market The Body CD worldwide.

Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy working on other projects like running a wallpaper business, raising a family and going to church, I haven’t done a whole lot to actually promote the CD yet. Well, with the holidays just around the corner, I’m going to start plugging away at it, so you’ll probably see some more posts about it here.

But as for this post, let me stay on topic. Our church is building an addition that would be incredibly beneficial to the current and growing community. Unlike the mega-churches I attended in Tulsa, this church is very small and very old, built in 1852. However, the outreach ministry is continually growing, and we really do need the facility to expand to meet the growth.

The expansion is huge in comparison to the core building, and it’s breathtaking to see it go through the various stages. Here are some pictures to give you an idea…

Steel Work

Setting the Trusses Framing the Windows

Before Windows & Doors

You see the part on the left in the last picture? That’s the part we’re using right now. The hall and the huge part on the right is the addition as it appears today (except there are windows & doors installed now) and it’s virtually empty.

What still needs to be done is the interior work…electric, plumbing, insulation and drywall. I’m amazed at how far it has come, but unless it is finished, it’s use is very limited (that’s where the youth play indoor basketball and I and my family play ping pong).

You can see more pictures of each phase of the addition at The Body CD website. Just click the link on each phase title to see the various pictures. It truly is amazing to see it go up.

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2 thoughts on “Fluvanna Baptist Church: Building an Addition

  1. Jummy Olabanji


    I am the Fluvanna County reporter for CBS19/ABC16 in Charlottesville. I came across your page on the internet. I think this is a pretty cool story about raising money for the church construction by selling the CDs. I was thinking maybe we could do a story on it here at the station and maybe drum up some more support pubilcity for the CD. Do you know who I should contact? Maybe a paster or worship leader or something?



  2. Carrie Wigal Post author

    Hi Jummy,

    Thank you for your interest! It would be best to contact the pastor, Alan Acree. I sent you an email with his phone number, and copied him on the email. We would definitely appreciate any buzz about the project you can help drum up. Thank you again.



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