The Bedroom Shuffle

I finally did it… I moved my 2-1/2 year old out of our bedroom and into his recently-turned-4 year old sister’s room. It’s only temporary though. When we finish remodeling a bedroom for our 12 year old, and he moves out of his current room, then the two younger ones can have their own rooms. So now, it’s just my 5-1/2 month old sharing a room with my husband and I. One day we’ll have a room all to ourselves…or at least I hope so.

I ended up putting Michael to sleep in our room tonight, but will transfer him to his bed across the hall before I go to bed. Trying to get the two of them to go to bed at the same time is a JOKE…they keep each other up…and I get VERY irritable, especially when I’m trying to comfort my infant amidst it all. But when I separate them, they fall asleep in mere moments (the advantage of no naps during the day). Of course, I am going to have to tackle this issue though. I don’t want to continue putting him to bed in one place and transferring him to another room every night.

How can I get them to go to sleep in the same room at the same time? Or should I resort to putting them to sleep separately? I don’t really want to do that, because I have two other kids to get to bed each night. Any suggestions?

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