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I’ve noticed a change in flavor over the past three months on this blog. Originally my intent was to write about “all that matters to me” and I introduced six categories: faith/religion, family, friends, home, politics & work. I thought I’d be addressing mostly family-related issues with a bit of work mingled in, since I’m a work-at-home-mom of four. But the past three months have shown I’ve got a lot more on my mind (& heart) to share with you than that.

So, brace yourselves, this is not a typical work-at-home-mom’s blog.

I probably won’t be dolling out recipes and parenting tips even though eating healthy & rearing children matter greatly to me. And although I’m a big fan of internet marketing & I love PaperIllusion(TM) wallpaper, I won’t be peddling too many “how to make money online” resources or wallcovering products here either. (You can read all about my paper illusions passion at Paper It Fun!)

Instead, I’ll be talking about what these categories mean to me.

I get so impassioned about two subjects in particular: America, where we as a nation came from and where we’re headed and my faith in God, how it shapes every aspect of my life, both business and personal.

If these topics seem too touchy to you, then check out my take on Why Not Discuss Religion & Politics? If this material sounds right up your alley, then let’s keep in touch. Subscribe to my mailing list by entering your name & email address in the left margin and I’ll email you each week or two with what’s new here.

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