Bridging Our Differences

I thought Mike Huckabee was the right man to preside in the Oval Office (and I still do) for many reasons. One in particular was his way of “reaching across the aisle” and connecting with those who share views of opposition.

Unlike some politicians who are willing to compromise moral principles to make political choices, Mike Huckabee preferred to not waiver from his principles.

When he served as Governor of Arkansas for over 10 years, he was a Republican in a very Democratic state. Yet, he was able to accomplish huge successes where his predecessors could not.

Governor Huckabee saw his constituents as fellow Arkansans, not Republicans and Democrats. He was criticized for keeping members from the previous Democratic Governor’s staff on board when he stepped into office. But his position was that if they were willing to continue to work hard for the people of Arkansas, he would continue to employ them.

He was able to recognize and communicate the idea that it was the people at large whom he was serving, not just individuals who shared his same political view or religious faith.

Why can’t all politicians behave in the same fashion? I think it might have to do with most people operate from a worldly point of view rather than from a Godly perspective.

We see our way as the right way and naturally attempt to win people to our way of thinking…because that is our human nature. But I’ve noticed how Governor Huckabee recognizes that though many of his views differ from Senators Obama, Clinton and McCain, he points out that they all love this country and are looking to make this a better place for the future generations.

When we are able to recognize our common goals, pool our ideas and communicate with each other in a civil manner, we are able to work together to see positive change in a conflicting society.

I really like Mike Huckabee…because he embodies true leadership qualities…qualities we need in our homes, churches, workplaces, communities, and country. He is a wise man and we can learn from his example.

Lesson #2: Recognize the common goals we share and work to achieve positive results through open discussion of individual ideas using civil communication.

Your Assignment: When it comes to improving our homes and communities, name two areas where positive change is beneficial and give a suggestion on how these can be accomplished.

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