Preparing Tax Returns: A Real Drag

Huckabee shredding the IRS Form 1040The dreaded April 15th is just around the corner, and I’m feverishly working to get my Federal Income Tax Return done. Uggh. Thank goodness for TurboTax software…while I had to shell out about $75 to purchase it this year, it was cheaper than hiring an accountant. But I gotta tell you, doing the whole “filing taxes” thing myself is still a real drag!

A few days ago I decided to join the grassroots effort to promote the FairTax and I started my own local meetup group called the Fluvanna County FairTax Meetup Group. I haven’t planned our first event yet…I’m a little sidetracked at the moment, but I’m thinking of an “After-Tax-Day Celebration“.

What got me thinking about it, is besides the fact that I really think the FairTax is a much better alternative to our current federal tax structure, and how I wish it was already in place so I can quit entering all this data from my checkbooks & credit card statements, I received word that Mike Huckabee is making some kind of announcement on April 15, 2008. If you check out his website, there’s a countdown ticker on the homepage with great anticipation building about what’s in store.

Some are speculating a VP announcement (although I’d love it if Huckabee received the nod, I’m not expecting that), others have mentioned he might go “independent” (I doubt this also since he’s already made it clear he’s going to do all that he can to help Senator McCain get elected), but my guess it’s going to relate to the FairTax. What better day to announce to the country you are leading a coalition to abolish the IRS? Of course, I don’t know this for sure, but it sounds good to me.

So here I am, taking a breather from my tax woes (keeping my fingers crossed for a big fat refund, since we had another baby last year), contemplating whether or not to call it a night since my eyelids are weighing pretty heavy, and thinking about what to do for our first FairTax event in Fluvanna County, Virginia to be held after I get my taxes filed. Any ideas? Do tell…

NOTE: For more information on the FairTax, Mike Huckabee gives a great explanation on this YouTube Video. Otherwise, check out the official website for the FairTax plan today.

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