Huckabee’s Political Action Committee

HuckPAC: Huckabee Political Action CommitteeI mentioned a pending announcement from a few days ago, and today I learned a teensy bit more about it. There’s going to be a new Political Action Committee (PAC) forming called HuckPAC. In fact, there’s already a Facebook group in place, which I just joined this morning. The group’s description states,

“HuckPac is committed to electing conservative Republicans nationwide.”

There’s a blog post at indicating the April 15th announcement pertains to this new PAC group:

“That’s when Huck is expected to announce the formation of a new economically based political action committee. The question is this: Will it be a PAC to push his tax issues or one to help him raise money to influence the upcoming House, Senate, and presidential elections and keep him in the running for the GOP vice presidency?”

My guess was to promote the FairTax but I’m now thinking it’s going to be even bigger than that. We shall see. One thing is for sure, we have definitely not seen the last of Mike Huckabee!

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