Movie Review: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Expelled the MovieThe movie, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed was released last Friday and the critics have been vocal.

First let me say, a few weeks ago in my post entitled, Intelligent Design Under Attack, I wrote about this soon-to-be-released movie claiming:

“The premise is that it’s a documentary about how the idea of Intelligent Design (a.k.a. Creationism) is coming under attack in the academic arena.”

I quickly received a comment from Benjamin Franklin stating:

“Intelligent design is not under “attack” by anyone, but that is what the proponents of the intelligent design and the Discovery Institute merely want you to believe.”

He went on to quote Dr. Ken Miller and suggested I know more about the facts before promoting the movie. I indicated it was the subject matter that peaked my interest and that is why I “promoted” it here on my blog.

Then shortly after the movie was released, C. Muench left his comments on the movie. He agreed with Mr. Franklin that I was wrong on the premise and set me straight.

“…the major premise is not about intelligent design. It is about academic freedom to ask questions.”

He went on to bring up some very intelligent insight. Can I just say, I love it when people are able to discuss controversial subjects in an intelligent manner without resorting to name-calling and belief-bashing. Thank you, Mr. Muench. I encourage you to read what he had to say.

While I still have yet to see the movie myself (I have 4 kids, 3 of which are 4 yrs old and under…and the nearest theater showing the film is over an hour away), I tried to find some “intelligent” reviews. Here are two found at, one from Bob Stuart and the other from Rich Deem. They both seem open-minded in their criticism, not pre-disposed to loving or hating the movie from the onset.

And another at Pegasus News from John P. Meyer. This one offers comments at the end and there’s quite a diversity in responses.

C. Muench also cited some reviews he had read, along with his rebuttals. I encourage you to check these out if you’re looking for some more information prior to seeing the movie. However, if you’ve already seen the movie, please share your perspective with us below. One request though, please keep it civil…unlike the movie’s title/subtitle, intelligence is preferred on this site. Thanks.

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  1. Sandra Lazcano

    Well , I can’t seem to find this movie playing anywhere. Where can I go to seee it in Kansas?


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