Happy Birthday to Me

Osteospermum: Purple Daisy-like flowerLast week I turned the big 3-9 for the first time in my life (LOL), and I have to be honest I certainly don’t feel “almost 40”. I felt older when I was pregnant with my four-year-old. Amazingly 3 pregnancies later and I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in the last 8 years!

Well, my birthday proved to be a pretty spectacular day. It started with an early lunch with my friend, Barbara Lintecum. We met at a local pizza place for some salad and calzone…topped off with a cannoli. Mmm. She graced me with a beautiful container of purple daisy-like flowers as pictured here. Aww. What made this luncheon extra special was…NO KIDS! I left all of them (except our oldest, who was in school) home with my husband…including the baby. Woo-hoo! We had great uninterrupted “grown-up” conversation.

After lunch I went home to rescue my husband from the children. It was such a beautiful day, we all jumped in the car to pick up our oldest from school. We talked about all of us going out to dinner to celebrate (since we couldn’t find a babysitter to watch the kids). When we got home, my husband made a cake while I took a stroll next door to my parents’ for a quick visit.

We all piled into the van to head out for dinner at another “local” (about 15 minutes from us) eatery. Except we took a detour to my sister’s. It turned out my husband made arrangements for her to watch all of the kids leaving the two of us to a night alone for over three hours. Ahhh.

My dinner consisted of a garden salad, cilantro chicken with steamed veggies and garlic mashed potatoes (to-die-for). We had wonderful conversation…it was such a treat. Since we had a cake (the one my husband baked earlier) and ice cream awaiting us at my sister’s, we skipped the dessert. Then, I had a brilliant idea on how to spend our remaining free time… PING PONG!

This used to be a favorite pastime of mine which I picked up in college. In fact this is one of the things that drew me to my husband in the first place. It was 8 years ago on my birthday where we first played ping-pong together in Raleigh, NC. But at that time, along with every time thereafter we always had a child with us…but not this night!

Last fall our pastor extended an open-ended invitation to play ping pong at the church whenever we wanted. So, we took him up on it. We played and laughed…loudly. Next thing we knew the pastor came up behind us to see what we were up to. He wished me a Happy Birthday and went on his way.

After several matches, we decided to head back early to my sister’s to rescue her (she was home alone with 7 kids). But before we dashed into the van, we took in the beautiful sunset sky as we strolled around the church cemetery. So blessed I am.

My poor sister was elated to see us arrive as she quickly escorted us all out of her house, with our cake and ice cream in hand. It seems the baby was a bit more of a handful than any of us imagined he would be. She said happy birthday to me and that she loved me but then we had to get out…I think she was about to blow her top. Completely understandable, I feel that way on a regular basis. LOL.

We all drove home, donned the cake with 39 candles, lit the bonfire, and sang Happy Birthday to me. Amazingly, I blew out all the candles by myself in one breath. We cut & served the cake & ice cream in between changing clothes & diapers. I put the kids to bed while Ty crashed on the couch. What a beautiful day it was.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Carrie Wigal Post author

    Thanks, you guys. (eek, was that a bit of Jersey coming out of me?) Some might say you don’t hit 39 every year, but then again many do. I really can’t believe I’m that old.

  2. davidlanderson

    Happy Birthday Carrie! It is hard to believe that 39 is here already. Maybe we will join the 39 is the new 29 movement.

    It sounds like “you guys” had a great time. I was with you until that walk through the cemetery. My Jeannie would not have considered that romantic. To each their own. LOL

    May God bless this year in your life as never before.

  3. Carrie Wigal Post author

    Thanks, David.

    I know the “cemetery” thing isn’t necessarily romantic, but the church has been in this area for well over a hundred years and there are many pillars of the community buried there. It was nice to slow down long enough to think beyond the here and now. There’s just something about seeing the year 1800-something etched in stone that brings you back to a simpler frame of mind.

  4. davidlanderson

    Hey, what ever works. I can just tell you that next year when I turn 40 the cemetery will be the last place I visit. 🙂

    I am sorry, to give you a hard row to hoe. Know that in my heart it is all rejoicing for you. Life sounds great and that makes my thank God. I say Happy B-Day from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Donna S

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy all the littles now, they grow up much too quickly.

    P.S. Are we finally getting old?

  6. Donna S

    It depends when you ask me. If its during baseball season with 3 teams, 2 umpires, 1 soccer team, 1 husband coaching 2 teams and homeschooling two little people, two kids in high school and the list goes on, THEN I feel old! 🙂 Other than that, I’ve got a few good years left.


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