New FCHS Proposed Site Unsuitable?

Pleasant GroveThe Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 at 2PM in the Palmyra Courthouse. Lee True of the Fluvanna Taxpayers Association* attended the meeting and gave the following recap:

During the public comments part of the agenda Mr. William McCullin got up to speak on the proposed site of the new Domino Plan High School. To summarize, several years ago, the site where the new High School is proposed was recommended for the site of a Fluvanna Reservoir due to the spring wells; a creek that runs from the center of the property to the back of the property from route 53, a hundred cut springs, and topography that would require significant amounts of dirt to level it enough to build any structures of size in that particular acreage.

Due to test drilling in that particular area coming up with mud and water at 5 feet below the surface when testing for sites for the new High School, it was reported as unsuitable for the building and recommended to find a better site on the Pleasant Grove acreage. To fill in the land to build on it will cost between $3 to $5 millions in additional money not in the current plan or identified projections for cost.

“The Board went silent during the comments and at least two were showing signs of being extremely uncomfortable. Mr. Ott took up the story and proposed that discussion on this information be postponed until New Business portion of the agenda. Quick agreement by the Board members.”

Then later during the New Business part of the agenda…

“Supervisor Ott attempted to bring to light the earlier issues discovered and the added funds necessary. He (Ott) requested the Board members to visit the site and look into the issue with the Architect to determine if any action to move the school to a new site is necessary, or if no action is necessary to move the site.

“Both Supervisor Moss and Supervisor Gooch appeared very angry that anything is just now brought up that may slip the timeline and schedule, before they have even looked into the information. Supervisor Moss advised that other sites recommended by Supervisor Ott could not be used because in part, the Grants accepted for the Pleasant Grove House and other portions of the Pleasant Grove land came with restrictions (some more new information) regarding putting anything else on at least 40 acres on the Rte 53 side of the property.

“There was some confusion and contradiction to the explanation and the shift to Supervisor Gooch to agree to visit the site brought glares, anger and a reluctant agreement to visit the site from him (Gooch)…

“…Anyone wanting to visit the questionable site for the new High School please contact Mr. William McCullin, 589-0577. He has offered to take one or two people at a time. It takes about one hour to see the entire site and the issues being brought to light at this late date…”

Hmm, might prove to be an interesting field trip.

*For more information about the Fluvanna Taxpayers Association, contact Lee True at leetrue2(at) [replace (at) with @]

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