To Those Who Steer Left

Guest Post by Ty Wigal

No Left TurnWhere is the conservative voice? What is going on America? Why is this country clearly on the course for disaster? Moral disaster. Financial disaster. Political disaster?

Conservative values are the glue that has held our country together for 23 decades. The very freedom and prosperity we still enjoy in America are the fruit of the boldness, foresight and bloodshed of our founding fathers and countless patriots that have followed them even to this very day. We should love our freedom as those great Americans have. We should remain one nation, under God. We should fight for the very essence of what has enabled America to be the greatest nation and form of government ever to exist on the planet Earth. Liberalism leads us toward some type of apologetic and wealthy global citizen. We apologize world, for our God given blessings and blood bought freedoms. Here, take what we have world, we do not need our wealth, independence or sovereignty.

Conservatism leads us to a strong, independent and vibrant nation, with true liberty and justice for all. It is ok to love America. It is, in fact, required of any patriot and anyone who would call themselves an American. It is not ok to hand our beloved country over without a shot fired.
The party that had seemingly espoused my core values of social conservatism is very clearly steering to the middle of the road. That is, in truth, a left turn. You are not automatically getting my vote because you are better than the other guy. You do not get my vote without hearing my voice. In fact, my voice will be heard. I am going to grab the wheel at the grass roots level and veer sharply right. I suggest that as the leadership, you don’t fight over the wheel or we will crash together. Luke-warm will not win the fight. It is foolish to think it will. It is foolish to think I am not aware of how to steer. Great men before me have left the road map of the Constitution. Even greater and inspired men have left me the moral compass of the Bible. I have the map to get where I know I should be.

Conservatives should rise now, and fight for the local government seats. It will not be easy. Take the party and steer right. We are the majority. We should no longer be the silent and assumed vote.

The moderates, as all lukewarm peoples, should be spit out or at least cast aside. Gray will never beat black. White will be the only victor against the oppressive and powerful blackness of evil (aka liberalism). Fight for life. All life. Fight for family. Traditional family. Real moms and dads and kids. Fight for the America which was wrestled from the hand of the oppressors. One voice matters. Many voices matter to the point of turning the tide. The moderates hold the party on much of our American soil. The liberals have the rest of the country. Conservatives speak now and be heard. Stand and fight for our values before they erode into nothingness.
Save my America, the land of my fathers, from all that seek to destroy her. Our nation will only exist in the hands of a moral and responsible people that are willing to fight and bleed for the truth.

6 thoughts on “To Those Who Steer Left

  1. Elizabeth

    The conservatives, that are educated to the threat, ARE speaking out. In order for people to be aware of the threat to the loss of our freedoms, we must first be educated about them. We have grown to be a nation of passive ignorant fools that do nothing more than repeat the Marxist party line that has been fed to us since the twenties (and maybe before that). Religion was the opiate of the masses; remember? However, in the zeal to dump American founding principles, people have forgotten the wise words of Benjamin Franklin-“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters”. We now have too many masters that want to destroy our individual freedoms and indoctrinate our children with garbage at the Altar of Self. Do what feels good while you trample on the liberties of others. Yep, that’s America today.
    Also, somehow, the term “conservative” has become synonomous with “Republican”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a conservative, but I am most definitely NOT a Republican.
    Have you ever read the Communist goals of 1963 a la Glen Beck? If not, I’d be glad to send you a copy. It is shocking to see how much our nation has already implemented.

  2. Ty

    Glen Beck 1963 Communist goals.

    Thank you for the intelligent and well spoken comment. I agree with you. We are kept ignorant, close-minded and under-educated by the state controlled public schools and the special interest owned liberal media. These are the very powers that keep us focused on ourselves as our liberties and prosperity are stripped away. No one is so enslaved as those who do not even realize that they are. The Altar of Self leads to a disarming of the innate power of self government that was ideally fashioned to be “of, by and for the people.” Every man for his own selfishness leads only to isolation and complete surrender of the ability to be self determined.” Only when we realize that “we the people” still hold the power will we be able to affect change. The libertarian ideals have the best grasp on this imperative.

    The GOP has indeed done a fabulous job of corralling a formidable majority of American conservatives. I agree that the synonym between Republican and conservative is problematic in our culture. However, the reality remains that there is still power in the GOP and the conservatives can rally to steer the party back to the right and hopefully make some changes. I have been a card carrying Republican for a total of 5 months. I have been active on a local and district level as a delegate. The good work is not being done. The leadership is mostly about the leadership keeping the power and pushing its own agenda while placating the masses. Politicians are politicians. The 5th District leadership is currently trying to undo a vote of the people as they lost an important seat to a true conservative. He is no “yes man” and has to go, despite what a vote of the people says. I am going to yell long and loud over it.

    In truth, I am more of a libertarian by ideology. I believe that I can do my part to change society by only two things: prayer and using my vote and voice in grass roots politics. At this point, I have to work within the GOP where the active conservatives are to be found. I am also watching and learning how the whole messy process works. It seems to be designed to keep the people from being able to achieve a single thing. The special interests and elitists are free to carry on undeterred. Perhaps Left, Center and Right just don’t see the true agenda as we spend time bickering and infighting. I am sure that most of us love America and want what is best for our children. It is too bad that we mostly seem imprisoned by our own limited understanding and concern of what is being done to our country. Discussions such as these are the keys to unlocking the bars of the prison this country has allowed itself to be locked into.

    Ty Wigal

  3. Elizabeth

    I truly hope that you and Carrie can work to resolve the bickering and infighting within the Fluvanna Republican party. If not, I see the potential of the Libertarian candidate (if he garners the nomination) splitting the Republican vote in the 2008 elections. The counterproductiveness of henhouse bickering will capitulate the decline of moral America and her sovereignty as we know it. While the bickering continues, I will pass along an article I stumbled across today. I have to ask, “When and how did the UN garner so much power to tell me how I should raise my children?” Has anyone risen above the “power grab” long enough to realize that our country is in danger?

  4. Elizabeth

    I wanted to clarify, after I read my post, that even though I don’t see Fluvanna poilitics necessarily influencing a “split vote” on a national level, I do want to say this quote adequately sums up what is happening with the National Republican Party:

    “The good work is not being done. The leadership is mostly about the leadership keeping the power and pushing its own agenda while placating the masses. Politicians are politicians.”

    That is what the Republicans should fear because that attitude will cause independent conservatives, such as myself, to look elsewhere. I don’t mind supporting a party that aligns itself with conservative ideals. However, I do mind when a party regards a certain base as “useful idiots” to obtain a vote.

  5. Ty

    I unfortunately hold the opinion that there is not much hope for unity for the 5th District GOP. We are facing the same challenge as many parts of the country with moderates trying to take the wheel while putting the “useful idiots (conservatives)” in the back seat just to go along for the ride. (That “useful idiots” is brilliantly stated, by the way. I will be using that. The arrogance of those that think like that! If they only understood what they so easily dismiss.)

    Even when the current goings-on at the 5th District are brought to the light of day, there will be no remedy. Most of the old school members, which are the white headed majority, will just ride along as passengers as they are instructed. No good work will be done there. I do see some intelligent and solidly conservative old school members but they are not the majority. They are insightful, experienced and active but lack the numbers to get a hold of the wheel. The younger conservatives, of which there are a minimum number, will just get sick of the petty agendas and the lack of accomplishing any good work. I will probably end up in that crowd. Again, I can figure out how to steer, if I must.

    The leadership is going to rip the local party to shreds with the games and be left with insufficient numbers of qualified members. I am personally already disgusted with what I have seen. I am of the opinion that the 5th district leadership is currently attempting to railroad a solid conservative down the track while dismissing a vote of the people. A train wreck is coming and perhaps rightfully so. I hope I am wrong simply for the sake of the potential of a more unified conservative voice being reenergized under the local GOP.

    I have no illusions about the impact of the local scene on the national level. However, Virginia is a barometer for the bigger picture. Conservatives winning at the grassroots is important, though perhaps not quite plausible at this local time or place. The fight will be carried on though. It is not finished until it is finished. Good people doing nothing just further enables the steamroller of government to tread steadily over the unaware, uneducated and uninvolved. I will use my voice and my vote as long as I draw breath. It is a patriotic imperative, as it was in days of old. I will continue to pray, speak and vote for my America.

    You mentioned the UN. I call them Un Necessary. Before anyone tells me how to raise my children and that teaching Christian values is child abuse, I will advise that my 2nd amendment rights must be revoked first. I do cling to my guns. I do not agree with the term “religion” but that is probably as far as Senator Obama can comprehend my beliefs and relationship with my Creator.

  6. Carrie Wigal Post author

    There was a significant “win” in the 5th district of Virginia Republican arena in late May. The vote of the people for a strong conservative at the mass meeting in April was upheld and the appeal approved at the 5th district level was overturned at the state level.

    Also, a new young, eager, conservative has won the vote of the people by a strong majority for the chairman position of the Republican party of Virginia (RPV). He is eager to work from the grassroots up! His name is Jeff Frederick and you can read more about his vision for RPV here:

    There was a barbecue held last weekend to “meet the GOP” in our local area hosted by the Fluvanna Republicans and Mr. Frederick was there along with our State Senator Frank Ruff. It was encouraging to see new faces from the community there.

    There’s a new meetup group for the Fluvanna Republican Committee that’s free to join for all Republican and Independent voters in Fluvanna County to stay informed on what’s happening in the area concerning conservative politics. I encourage all local folks interested in the future of this county (and state & country, for that matter) to sign up. Stay in the loop and get involved somehow. You can learn more and join here:

    I understand local conservatives have tried in the past to get things done in the county and were met with great resistance. Now is the time to push forward again while the conservative leadership (both at the local and state levels) is supportive of spreading the conservative message, growing the base and getting the Republican Party back to its core platform, by stimulating the grassroots and working from the bottom up.

    For more information about the Fluvanna Republicans, visit


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