GOP House Uprising Continues…

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay LessOn Friday last week, the US House of Representatives held their last session before Speaker Nancy Pelosi broke for a 5-week summer break without allowing an up or down vote on our Energy Crisis. At that time several Republican House Members revolted. They led a “call” to the Speaker to have the House return to session so that a vote may be taken by House members on The American Energy Act (H.R. 6566): Reducing the Price at the Pump through an “All of the Above” Energy Strategy.

Monday I received an email indicating the GOP Revolt was still “in session”. I called my Congressman, Virgil Goode to see if he was in attendance of the revolt. I was told he was not in DC that day but he voted against adjourning on Friday without an up or down vote on the energy bill.

Even though I heard House Republicans intended on staying the course and continuing to hold these unofficial sessions until Speaker Pelosi or the President calls the House back to vote on this issue, I wondered if it would continue in earnest.

I just checked this evening and this is what I’ve found:

  1. Past-Speaker Newt Gingrich came to Washington DC to show his support of the House Republicans stance. Watch this video.
  2. Minority House Leader John Boehner issued a memo about an hour ago, August 6th to all House Republicans entitled “The Energy Call to Arms Continues” requesting GOP members to contact the Whip’s office and indicate a time that they may be able to return to Washington DC sometime over the course of the next two weeks (August 11-22).
  3. The GOP House Leader is liveblogging about this “House Republican Uprising” on a daily basis giving an attendance record for those in attendance and speaking each day along with several quotes from the various members.
  4. The GOP Leader is also providing daily updates on Twitter for those who wish to follow what’s happening.

So, here, here to the Republicans in Congress for stepping up to the plate and sticking with it!

What can you do to join this protest?

  1. Sign this petition joining the 1.4+ million Americans who have already signed (including myself). It states, “We, therefore, the undersigned citizens of the United States, petition the U.S. Congress to act immediately to lower gasoline prices (and diesel and other fuel prices)* by authorizing the exploration of proven energy reserves to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources from unstable countries.”
  2. Contact your Congressman and Nancy Pelosi and say: “Bring Congress Back for a real vote on lifting the oil drilling ban and breaking our foreign energy dependence.” Speaker Pelosi: 202-225-0100; 202-225-4965; Switchboard: 202-224-3121
  3. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and anyone else who will listen about this and have them do these three things as well.

While this House Revolt is being led by the Republicans, this is not a “Republican” fight…it is a fight for Americans. The majority of Americans (71%) favor increasing the energy supplies of the United States and lowering the costs of gasoline and electricity.

Still unsure about all this hoopla? Read the bill yourself, and let your Congressman know where you stand on the issue. I can tell you, I know where my Congressman stands on it.

US Congressman of the Fifth District in Virginia, Virgil Goode states on his website,

“I believe that reasonable energy costs are crucial to a viable economy. We must be allowed to drill for oil in Alaska and develop sources of energy in this country. We must continue efforts to promote alternatives such as switchgrass, canola, and hybrid poplars. We must preserve jobs in America for Americans. We need even more job training and additional job opportunities, and we must continue our fight against trade legislation and agreements that shift manufacturing jobs to third world countries.” SOURCE:

Let yours know where you stand.

11 thoughts on “GOP House Uprising Continues…

  1. hoobie

    “I believe that reasonable energy costs are crucial to a viable economy.”

    I think $4/g is a reasonable price.

    Here’s what I have done to adapt:

    * Continue to ride bicycle 2 times a week to work (36 mile round trip).

    * Purchased a used motorcycle for commuting to work (50+ mpg).

    * Moved 2 years ago from 2700sf (typical) suburban home to a small cottage to save on home energy costs.

    Didn’t you see this coming?

  2. Carrie Wigal Post author

    Yeah, that’s all fine and good for you at the moment, but fuel/oil prices are going to impact the cost of all commodities shipped from one place to another in this country…so while you may be able to control how much you consume for yourself, the rising costs of fuel are going to be factored into every other consumable product.

    Again, if you are only concerned about yourself, then sure let the price get as high as you can afford. But there are other people in this country who don’t have the luxury of being so close to work/store/bank to ride a bike or walk to get there. And what about transporting families?

    C’mon Hoobie, take into consideration the reasonableness of your personal solution working for the whole society.

  3. hoobie

    People who live in isolated areas or areas with disfunctional, auto-dependent settlement patterns (i.e. ex-urban areas) are feeling the pain. As they should. The free market is sorting this out, as home prices in these areas retreat and advance in urban/close in suburban areas.

    We see vehicle miles traveled dropping since 2007 as more people follow this trend of abandoning far-flung areas in favor of those closer to the core. As more fuel efficient vehicles hit the streets demand will fall ever more.

    I’ve taken both these steps and adapted to a new energy reality. I’m not waiting for the government to return us to the days of cheap gas. You choose to do nothing but complain. It’s not a luxury to live close to work/store/bank; it’s a personal choice.

  4. Carrie Wigal Post author


    The real problem is government interference. If the government would just step aside and let Americans take care of themselves instead of playing Big Brother, we’d all be better off.

    This “complaining” you refer to is the people trying to get their voice heard. Our government is SUPPOSED to be “Of, By and For the People”. Up until now the federal government has been wielding it’s power as an authority unto itself.

    People don’t like high gas prices, so they are complaining. They are complaining to the government because it is the government that is restricting the people from fixing the problem themselves.

  5. hoobie

    I’ve just described how a person can (and many people are) adapt to the reality of high gas prices. The government didn’t interfere with the actions I took to reduce my energy expenditures. Instead of complaining and pining for the low gas prices of yesteryear, take personal action. Domestic drilling, while a good idea, is not enough to bring about a return to pre-2005/6 gas prices. You might as well be wishing for a return to the $1 gas of the 70s. Our lifestyles must change; that is the new reality. If you want to stop paying so much of your monthly budget for energy you must start using less. It’s as simple as that.

  6. Carrie Wigal

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of doing what you can that’s best for you and your family situation, but to not take action as to what is happening on the federal level (or state level even) is poor citizenship.

    As for me and my family, we are self-employed and work from home…our commute consists of walking across the house…so technically we walk to work. We also have a farm. While we did not grow as much food this year as we would have liked, we are moving towards growing more of our own food to feed ourselves. We attend a local church and do our best to keep most of our consumer dollars within our own county…as close to home as possible. So we are not feeling the pinch as much as others.

    Sure, we could hide our heads in the sand and say the rest of the country is not our problem, but that’s not true. The rest of the country is our problem, because they are our neighbors.

    As for the government involvement…they are controlling the fuel in this country…the natural resources. These resources belong to us…they are ours and the government is dictating to us how we can use our own resources…and that is wrong. We should be dictating to them as to how to manage our own resources.

    This is America. It is supposed to be the land of the free. But we are not free when folks like Speaker Pelosi refuse to allow our elected Representatives to work on our behalf. I’m not complaining about the decision made in Congress…I’m complaining that the decision won’t be allowed.

    What are we paying these people for? They work for us. We are paying them their month-long vacation and yet they are not doing their job. Do I fault my congressman for taking a “vacation”? Of course not…he showed up to work to do his job. It’s not his fault that his “boss” is not doing hers.

    Yes, we need to take personal responsibility for our own situations, and I am in no way asking for any handouts here. But for goodness sake, our government needs to get its act together.

    If they continue down this path and don’t adequately represent the people of this country, then there’s going to be more than just a “GOP House Uprising” on their hands. The people will not stand by and let their government “rule” in such a fashion.

  7. Carrie Wigal

    “You sound like a liberal.”

    LOL…that’s a first, I’ve never in my life been called that before.

    If you need me to explain that comment, I will. I would expect however if you read it in context, you’ll know what I’m referring to.

    What is being taught in our public education system is a concern to me regardless of whether or not my children go there (or if I even have children to send there) because my tax dollars are funding that system and the government is “teaching” the next generation of Americans. While I have power (so far, these days) to teach my own children and keep them out of the public educational system, it is my responsibility as an American citizen (and local citizen) to guard what is being taught through the public system.

    The country’s infrastructure is a concern to me regardless of whether or not I personally travel down a certain road or not because my tax dollars are funding that as well and it is for public use.

    There are natural resources that we use: water, air, fuel, etc. All of these are needed to sustain us as a civilization. While we can use whatever personally “owned” resources we have to sustain our own person hood, as a nation we should be doing the same thing.

    Why are we tapping into other countries’ natural resources, continuing to remain dependent on foreign oil when we have these resources in our own backyard. We’re not a free country if we rely on another country to fuel us as a nation.

    And if another country has us under their thumb, then we are not a free people at all.

    If I and my family do everything we can to cut ourselves off from the rest of the country, become completely 100% independent of outside resources, are we free?

    What’s stopping the government from coming in and taking what’s rightfully ours away from us? It’s a free country isn’t it? Well, no not really. It’s not free because some other country is pulling the strings. Someone else is fueling our country…they control the prices and therefore control our economic structure.

    Don’t fool yourself…the rest of the country is our problem…no matter what side of the aisle you sit on (liberal or conservative).

  8. hoobie

    We tap into other countries oil resources because we have depleted our own economically viable resources (happened in 1970). Yes, there is some oil in Anwar and some (expensive to recover) oil offshore, but even if we were to extract it demand in this country will overwhelm this pittance. Colorado oil shale is not the answer, either.

    Conservation/increased efficiency in oil usage is the only real answer at this point. High prices are a forcing mechanism and are here to stay. Domestic drilling won’t matter if consumption continues to grow rapidly; it is the secondary issue here. Most Americans do not recognize this, yet.

    Americans need to adapt to higher energy costs.

  9. Faith Stuart

    I agree with you both, if that’s possible. How do we know we can meet our own demands?
    We need to limit our own usage and I think everyone that has had their family budget rocked is seeing what they can do.
    How can we help our neighbors in this?
    Just over a year ago I started volunteering at our county senior center. Many of them take a “bus” to get there. The 20 minute drive twice a week was no big deal to me. I could even even buy red tomatoes, sweet onions and green peppers slice them up and bring them (every week) In addition the 20 minute drive twice a month to deliver food to the homebound was no big deal. I mean it didn’t even have to be thought of. But now it’s thought of. We can still do it but you know what we really rocks me?
    These seniors couldn’t afford food last year. Life was tough for them last year. What happens when the people helping them have to quit or do less? Of couse I get angry at the unnamed kids and grandkids of these ladies (where are they?) But their problem is my problem. “Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ”
    I think we need to come up with innovative ideas not just for our own personal households and I don’t want it to be government run.

  10. davidlanderson

    Hoobie is like the senator from Colorado opposing Mitch McConnell. I have the clip on . He and the Democratic caucus oppose drilling at even $10.00 a barrel. If we had reached peak oil and it happened to be a function of supply and demand, I would agree with Hoobie. The fact is that this “crisis” is an artificial creation. The working people of the world are being crushed between OPEC and the environmental lobby. When policies hurt the interests of people unnecessarily, they need to be changed.

    If the Democrats believe we should pay $2 a quart for gas like some places in Europe, let them run on it. Let us have an honest choice. They want to hide behind the Speaker’s skirts and avoid an on the record vote. Even when we get one, they will script it out of the conference report. The only way to get real change is to cancel the Harry and Nancy soap opera. We need people in touch with the real world running Washington.


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