3 thoughts on “Palin Power: VP Candidate Speech

  1. david anderson

    As you know, I have been promoting her for VP for a year first blogging about her in August of 2007. When I saw this convention speech, I was more impressed than ever. I could only think two things. We have been looking for the next Reagan and we found her in Alaska. The other was Isaiah 54:17.

  2. Carrie Wigal Post author

    Yes, David. In fact I heard about her first through your blog. People from church have been coming up to me asking about her — who she was. It felt good to have some insight about her right from the announcement of her being chosen. I felt like I was “in the know” on this one.

    While I’ve indicated the past few months that I wanted Huckabee as VP, I thought it was highly doubtful because he was such an outsider. I believe God’s got other big plans in store for the Governor from Arkansas. The fact that he’s been on Fox News for several weeks now and he’s taking the opportunity to travel to places like Rwanda and Israel, he’s getting more public exposure and experience for the next election cycle.

    I’m so excited about Governor Palin being on the ticket. Senator McCain pleasantly surprised me with this choice! Last night I wrote out a list of things to do on a grassroots level to help get her known like we did for Huckabee. I believe social conservatives will not only jump on board with this ticket because of her position on the social issues, but they’ll “campaign” hard for her.

    But the neat thing is, she doesn’t just appeal to social conservatives. She’s a real down to earth, outsider…not politics as usual. She has passion and plenty of energy (in more ways than one).

    The majority of Americans want to drill now, and the resistance we’ve seen with the House majority leader to give the people the opportunity to have their voices heard with an up or down vote is going to fuel this firecracker’s flame.

    And the fact that she’s a strong, hard-working woman is going to appeal to many other women, not to mention “working moms”. The fact that she is being criticized for accepting the VP tap when she has a 4.5 month old baby at home should be a slap in the face for all working women who’ve had to go back to work *six weeks* after giving birth. Many women go to work with small children at home because they have to in order to help provide for their families.

    Criticizing Governor Palin for doing the same because she feels an obligation to serve the American people for such a time as this is downright rude.

  3. david anderson

    Agreed, but God’s grace is sufficient. Look at her poll numbers. She is now the most popular politician in America. We need to keep her in prayer. She is being targeted because of her faith and beliefs. The liberal establishment fears her. By doing so they have awakened the sleeping giant. For people of faith this had been a low key general election. Now Christians in particular have a stake in showing that we are the mainstream.

    She represents the new generation of Republican leadership. Huckabee, Palin, Jindal, Rep. Ryan, and Sen. Colburn as well as others bode well for the party and the nation.



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