Republicans & Democrats on Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

I just came across this video clip of a report done on Fox News concerning the timeline leading up to the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac disasters.

Interesting how folks like House Speaker Pelosi want to quickly point fingers to Republicans for blame, yet this reveals a very prominent Democrat (Congressman Barnie Frank in Sept 2003) denying any problem was ever on the horizon and said “…the federal government doesn’t bail them out”.

By the way, it appears both President Bush (April 2001, 2003, Fall 2003) and Senator McCain (May 2006) spoke out on this debacle years ago.

Also, the final results of the vote yesterday in the house rejecting the “Rescue” bill to bailout Wall Street’s bad decisions provide a very telling picture.

Of the Democrats in the house 95 out of 235 rejected the bill…that’s 40%. Of the Republicans in the house 133 out of 198 rejected the bill (67%). How frustrating that Speaker Pelosi only wants to tell half the story…obviously it’s more than just the House Republicans who couldn’t stomach this plan. Thank you to those who realized that this was not the “best” plan for this crisis. My Congressman, Virgil Goode rejected it, and I’m grateful for his voice!

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