Vote Your Values on November 4th

Election Day is less than 48 hours away, and we as American Citizens, regardless of sex, race or creed have the right to vote in this country. I encourage you, if you are a registered voter, do whatever it takes to get to the polls on Tuesday and exercise that right. But before it comes time to pull the lever, PLEASE don’t just think about yourself in casting your vote.

Think about the future of our country. Think about the principles this country was founded on. Think about God and what He has blessed us with as a nation. Think about the lives that have been sacrificed for us so that we may enjoy our freedom. Think about who you can trust to lead this country. Put aside party politics…think like an American.

Put aside selfish desires…think about our fellow man and future generations.  Vote your values.

One thought on “Vote Your Values on November 4th

  1. Andrew

    Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog! Just talking to people sometimes scares me. They don’t know the real facts! We must talk to people telling them what is at steak. Vote and share your values.


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