Barack Obama’s Agenda in the White House

Have you seen Obama’s Agenda yet? It’s on the website, and quite frankly I find it revolting. Governor Huckabee had Matt Staver (from Liberty Counsel) on his show this weekend and here they discuss just a few of the social issues under the category, “Civil Rights”. Watch it and then head on over and read the Agenda put forth by Mr. Obama yourself. [WARNING: Content may cause severe nauseau…read at your own risk.]

One thought on “Barack Obama’s Agenda in the White House

  1. Elizabeth

    Wake up, people! Now is not the time for us to bury our heads in the sand or hide behind our religion. Has anyone noticed where the money from the “stimulus” package will be going? We have a government spending our hard-earned money for us on what THEY think is best. I can guarentee it is not going to “stimulate” the economy! Please, be aware of what our government is doing. If not, you can not complain when they start to rule every detail of our lives. Call you senators and representatives and become active in this process. If not, then I’ll see you in the toilet paper lines, comrades.

    For more info on the lovely stimulus package:


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