Tom Perriello Votes Yes on Stimulus Bill

Congressman Tom PerrielloYesterday, the House passed the “Stimulus Bill” a.k.a. H.R.1 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act with a vote of 244-188 with every Republican voting against it. While I’m still angry that this bill passed in it’s current form, I’m glad that the GOP stood together in opposition after a day-long debate. Unfortunately, my representative didn’t vote the way I wanted…Tom Perriello voted “Yes” on this “stimulus” bill.

[NOTE: Had Virgil Goode still been in office, he would have most certainly voted against this spending frenzy as he did when he voted twice against the initial bailout bill. I sure hope he plans to run again in 2010.]

But Mr. Perriello is my representative now, and I have my eye on him. I plan on holding this man accountable for the work he’s doing in DC on my behalf, and I will be certain to be a vocal constituent.

For those who would like to know where some of this $819 BILLION dollars is expected to go, here goes:

  • $7.7 billion for various upgrades and work done on federal buildings
  • $5.2 billion for voter fraud experts ACORN and other “neighborhood stabilization” groups
  • $2.4 billion for carbon capture projects
  • $1 billion for AMTRAK
  • $650 million–more–for coupons for the conversion to digital television
  • $600 million for federal automobiles
  • $400 million for research into global warming
  • $335 million for the prevention of sexually transmitted disease
  • $50 million to the National Endowment for the Arts

Given the fact that we do not have this money to spend in the first place, why in the world are we spending it on stuff like this?

Be sure to thank (or chew out) Congressman Perriello for spending your money this way.

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