My Journey with Glenn Beck

The 912 ProjectDo you watch Glenn Beck or listen to him on the radio? I first heard of him when Huckabee was being interviewed on his show over a year ago during the presidential primary season. The next time I saw/heard him was on a Youtube clip of an episode where he had interviewed Sarah Palin on his show. (I was trying to learn more about Sarah Palin prior to her being tapped for the GOP VP slot.) While these were the only two occasions I heard him speak prior to 2009, I thought he sounded rather reasonable.

Then in January he signed a contract for a show on FoxNews. While I don’t have access to cable television, I try to catch him online as often as I can. It was the first part of this month, that I heard about his “We Surround Them” campaign. He listed 9 principles and said if anyone agreed to at least 7 of them, then we were not alone. He asked all those like-minded individuals willing to submit a picture, to do so online, so I sent mine. And the result is this incredible mosaic.

Well, I’ve been struggling for the past year over what to do concerning the direction of this country. I was very perturbed over the media and political pundits’ treatment of Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul during the primary season (I wasn’t really paying much attention to the Clinton/Obama coverage, but in retrospect there was a lot of problems there as well.) I was mad that John McCain was forced upon us as the Republican nominee…and if you don’t believe that’s what happened, I’ll be happy to explain my reasoning.

I’m sick and tired of being considered a right-wing radical because I happen to think “spreading the wealth around” sounds an awful lot like “socialism”, and just because I bring up subjects like “natural born citizenship” as it pertains to the US Constitution, I’m called a “nutjob” and “dingbat”. Well, I’m an American who happens to love her country. I recognize the price that was paid for my freedom and I want my children to enjoy that same freedom.

Glenn Beck has been rallying folks all around this country to join together and unite over common principles and a desire to get this country back on track. And I have risen to the occasion and stepped out to help organize a group of like-minded folks in the Charlottesville area to band together, educate ourselves about the founding fathers and what makes this country great, encourage one another and demand more from our employees, the government.

If you’re not familiar with Glenn Beck and what he’s been saying recently, then watch this. He calls on us to “do the right thing”, to “trust ourselves” and be empowered. I believe in God and I believe that He has the whole world in His hands (America included). But Christ has commissioned me to “Love my neighbor”, and I believe standing up for my Country is one way of doing so.

My fellow Americans are being lied to, my government refuses to listen to “we the people”, and my family’s future is in jeopardy. If you are concerned about the direction of this country and feel powerless to do anything about it, I strongly encourage you to be a part of The 912 Project, launched by Glenn Beck on March 13th of this year.  Find a local group near you that also agrees with the 9 Principles & 12 Values and get engaged. There’s more of us than you might realize.

9 thoughts on “My Journey with Glenn Beck

  1. Tom

    Barring armed rebellion which the citizens will lose, because the enemy now has control of the worlds most powerful military, you don’t have a snowballs chance in you know where. But good luck and Glen appreciates the press and money.

    Leave this place while you still can. The Soviet Union is safer than the USA at this point.

    This is the American version of the Khmer Rouge. You will do as they say or suffer the consequences. They are building an ignorant society of drones and have been very successful in the first steps taking over the education system of this country.

    See ya wouldn’t want to be ya. I’m outa here, off to better places in the world.

  2. Faith

    I’m with you, Carrie.
    My hope is not in America. But I am committed to my God and my neighbor. I may know how this “story” ends- but while the “light” is still on earth, we have to show it.

  3. David Anderson

    Tom, take a breath. It will be alright. Here Sir, the people still rule. Don’t buy into the defeatism that the media wants you to feel. I don’t know what part of the country that you are from but in spite of the problems, my part is still free. If the people in China, the Soviet Block and elsewhere could force more freedom without violent overthrow then how are we lost when we still have the ballot and one major political party and several minor ones.

    We need to unite to keep and regain our freedoms. The only way to do it is to change the culture. Our country hasn’t been losing itself because the military or police have forced something on us. We have been losing our heritage because we have been voting our own ignorance. As a whole, the American people don’t know what makes us special or even understand our heritage. There has been a cultural cleansing in state run education. Our elementary school students spend months studying the Aztecs and very little time studying the Declaration. We spend more time trying to study an extinct civilzation which has little direct impact on our culture than our own founders. I could offer 100 dollars to a fourth grade class to anyone who could name 20 signers of either the Constitution or Declaration without fear of losing it. Make that a 10th grade class. 100 years ago any fourth grade class would have been filled with students wanting to take my money. They all read a little book on the 56 signers which had a biography of each of them and their sacrifices.

    Start educating ourselves and our children then watch the turnaround.

    Go Glenn, Go.

  4. Tom

    Stop drinking the Kool Aid. The country was bought and sold a long time ago.

    All they do is shuffle the faces around every four years. Your vote means nothing because they solved that problem by buying all the candidates of consequence.

    The American Khmer Rouge is in charge and dumbing down the population in order to control.

    You are far from free Sir. Maybe you just never lived when the country was free and individuals could compete and doctors could run their own practice and care for the patients as they saw fit, not the accountant. Stop drinking the Kool Aid.

    You are not free when you have to fight the government to care for own disabled child after they reach the age 18.

    I can go own and own with this list but hopefully you are starting to get it.

    Greed sold our freedom and country. China owns us or hadn’t noticed.

    Our president just admitted he’s a Muslim after lying about it the entire election. His wife had never been proud of America. They love France we (Americans) are arrogant. That’s why we “feed”, and provide medical care for most of the world. Shame on us!

    You done you just don’t know it or are afraid to admit it. The enemy has complete control of the government, treasury, and Military. What else do need for evidence.

    They have troops ready to delpoy in the US against there own citizens. First in history.

    The Media/Propaganda machine is in full swing.

    Take off the rose colored glasses, stop smoking the drugs they want you on, and look at reality.

    You have over 30 million and counting people in this country without documentation or medical screening and third world disease is rearing it’s ugly head here again.

    Wake Up! Or sober up.


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