Fluvanna Citizens Support Charlottesville Tea Party

April 7, 2009

Citizens all across Fluvanna County will make their way to the Downtown
at 3:00PM on April 15, 2009 to join the Charlottesville Tax Day Tea Party.

Working in conjunction with a national grassroots effort promoted by Glenn Beck’s The 912 Project, Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions, and other conservative activist groups found at TaxDayTeaParty.com, folks all across the county will gather in Charlottesville in protest over the massive government spending in Washington DC.

“I’m so sick of watching our government spend our money in Washington — and Palmyra, for that matter – as if the stuff grew on trees,” laments Cunningham resident Carrie Wigal, “but then again it’s quite clear they recognize that it does grow on trees since the Treasury just printed a trillion dollars last week…perhaps using the timber cut from fields here in Fluvanna.”

Lake Monticello resident Pat Graziano asks, “Isn’t it time Congress AND our local AND our state lawmakers, realize taxpayer money doesn’t come out of the “petty cash box”?” She continues, “There are now millions of people in this country who have lost their jobs, yet Congress gets a $4700.00 raise??  This has to change.”

Plans are under way for a rally/march to take place in Charlottesville starting at the east end of the Downtown Mall near the Pavilion and finishing in front of Congressman Tom Perriello’s office. Participants are encouraged to bring tea bags to give to the Congressman as a reminder of the event and food donations for the Charlottesville Emergency Food Bank.

More information on The Tax Day Tea Party can be found at
http://taxdayteaparty.com. Or at http://www.vateaparty.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “Fluvanna Citizens Support Charlottesville Tea Party

  1. anon

    Why are you quoting yourself in this story? Are you an egomaniac? Is it self promotion? At any rate, it is odd to read Carrie Wigal quoting Carrie Wigal. I suggest that you do not do this anymore.

  2. Carrie Wigal Post author


    This is called a press release…and it is fairly common for folks to post “press releases” on their own websites that quote themselves within the article.

    Are you a real person? Did your mother really name you “anon”? At any rate it is odd to read comments from a person who insists on hiding behind anonymity. Perhaps you might consider not doing this anymore.

  3. anon

    1. Are you denying you wrote this “press release”?

    2. It is fairly common for posters to not use their real names. See comment 1 for an example. On the other hand, it is very odd for a press release to hide who/what organization wrote it. That’s why I assumed you wrote it. On blognetnews, it has your name and links back to this site.


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