The Land We Live On

Science Fiction vs. Reality

I don’t believe the land we live on is combined with the surrounding oceans and all rolled into a giant ball, let alone having the whole thing spin on an axis at nearly 1,000 miles an hour on the surface at the “equator” and whirling through “space” around a sun that is supposedly 93 million miles away, all at the rate of 67,000 miles an hour.

And you shouldn’t either. Why? Because the real physical evidence available to all of us screams, “The land we stand on is stationary!” and “Water seeks its own level!”

While the land varies in slope and in altitude and depth relative to sea level there is no evidence of spherical curvature anywhere on land or sea consistent with the numbers we’re taught concerning the size of the “globe”.

This should be a huge sticking point with everyone. Folks should be appalled, disgusted, and downright pissed off upon learning this, not turning a deaf ear and blind eye only to stick their heads in the sand and continuing with life business as usual.

If the globe model is true, then it should be able to be proven with actual physical measurements, but the fact is there is none. And if there is none, then every Tom, Dick and Harry should be crying foul at every mention of it in each and every sector of their lives.

Silent No More

For months now I have been silent on this issue, not wanting to run everyone off with my rants on the matter, but I’m tired of knowing the truth, yet not talking about it. I don’t intend on talking about it constantly, since I don’t feel it’s my life’s mission to campaign against it 24/7, but I am going to speak out when I see others bring it up in my daily life.

Schools need to dismantle and discard their solar system mobiles along with their spinning globe models donning every classroom as replicas of reality, and Teachers need to rip the “Planet Earth” pages from their textbooks as factsheets.

I have some Facebook friends who are teachers in the public and private sectors and many who are homeschooling parents. You all should not be teaching the “globe model”, let alone the “heliocentric model” as Fact/Truth if you can’t prove it to your students. If you want to teach it as “theory”, then so be it, that’s what I do. But for the love of Truth and all that is right in the world stop perpetuating falsehood…especially in the minds of our impressionable youth! They are counting on us for guidance and instruction. We at least owe them some intellectual honesty.

Scientists need to scrap all their material based on that false notion and head back to the drawing board. I don’t have a beef with real science, but this pseudo-science that pushes an astronomical fantasy of a planet earth as the basis for all other “earth science” or “astronomy” needs to be kicked to the curb. Start with some real physical, measurable and repeatable observations and go from there.

Churches need to tear down their spherical maps displaying where their missionaries are located, and any mentions of “global” ministries need to be revamped to represent the land and seas as their Bibles portray, not what the popular culture purports.

Businesses need to redesign their “worldwide” logos, Nature-preserving Organizations need to ditch their “Save the Planet” slogans, and Social Media Outlets needs to alter their “public” icons.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Truth matters.

We didn’t get here in this globe mentality overnight. It was a series of incremental acceptances of deviations from truth over time. But we need to stand against the tide of popular opinion and political propaganda for the sake of our fellow man and posterity.

The simple truth is that the sky or heaven is high above our heads, the stable ground is just beneath our feet, and there is water all around us. Anything beyond our reach is merely speculative.

I find comfort in knowing the Creator is just up there beyond our view as opposed to being beyond the galaxies far, far away. And there is nothing to fear from “outer space” but the mighty hand of the Creator above.

This land we have been given is our domain. Let’s not shirk it, let alone misrepresent it. Rather, let’s embrace this gift, and do our due diligence to be fruitful and multiply and fill up the land and subdue it.

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