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Huckabee Goes Beyond The Ordinary

The following is a guest post from a fellow Huckabee supporter who lives in my county…

Here is my “two cents” to why I switched from McCain this year: Huckabee goes beyond the ordinary. I respect Senator McCain and even supported him last election, but I am inspired by Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee effectively leads with principles, lives his life with faithful citizenship, and proposes bold and clear visions for our future which will promote growth and prosperity for all Americans and will safeguard our nation. If the media and others in this nation would just sit and really listen to him and truly look at him with open, unbiased eyes, they would see true inspiration! He could actually expand the Republican party, instead of divide or contract it as I fear our future lies with others in the lead. Take this as “food for thought” from a person who began as a Reagan Democrat.

I have been really disappointed in this race and the biases in media and the country. Many would not give him a second look because he is a devout Christian and pastor! How terrible it is if someone actually follows their faith when they live their life, huh? He has been pigeon holed by many as the Evangelical candidate or “born again” candidate which then provokes fear in others that it will somehow bring us back to state religions across the country or federal religion proposals or church in the schools! How ludicrious! How small we have become as a nation if one cannot practice his faith and talk out loud about it! This stems from Christian bigotry and bias. I am a socially conservative Catholic but no one could put “my vote” in a box of the “evangelicals” because a person is not easily defined in that way, no matter who you are!


I say, instead, that he leads with principles and lives with faithful citizenship. For example, he promotes ways to protect and help our environment because God mandates that we be good stewards of the Earth. Further, in his “right to life”
agenda, he consistently espouses principles to promote and protect the dignity of human life not just while in the womb but until natural death. He respects and talks to many Americans, regardless if you are in a corporate boardroom, in a
machine shop, at a local grocery store, on an oil field or just at home with your kids in a rural community (like me). He has been an effective and great governor for more than 10 years. His faith and role as a pastor has made him more
compassionate towards all Americans, not less. He even says on his website that he thinks more highly of a honest atheist than a disingenuous believer. In following these principles, he has actually gotten things accomplished despite Democrats hold in the state. Continue reading

We’re Being LIED To!

I just watched Tim Russert’s Meet the Press on NBC, and all I have to say is, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” (and I don’t cuss). I’m so sick and tired of being LIED to…by the media…by my political party…by the so-called conservatives over the airwaves. There is no way I’m going to just take it, let alone take it lying down. I am fighting tooth and nail. Will you join me?

I’m off to church now, but I’ll be back with more on this…

Christians Support Mike Huckabee!

I was just speaking with my husband about why I feel so passionate about supporting Mike Huckabee for president. We’ve been quarreling over how much time & energy I’ve spent “campaigning” for this man…he is not our savior, my husband says. Of course, I recognize he is not our Savior, Jesus Christ is. But there’s something within me that compels me to continue advancing his message of “Faith, Family, & Freedom”.

My husband doesn’t want me to be crushed if Governor Huckabee loses because I seem to be overly passionate about this election. I need to realize that he is up against the mainstream media as well as individuals who are not interested in learning more about the candidates running, he says. Well, of course I realize that…most people don’t have the time to do all the research themselves; they rely on the media to inform them and the media is not doing their job. But there’s something within me that says, don’t quit…this is a cause worth fighting for.

We’ve talked about how we need to take care of our own family: physically, financially and spiritually. We cannot rely on the government to take care of us, he says. Of course I know that too. But I am thinking about my family…I’m thinking about our social environment, the education I want my children to have, and our religious freedom. I can’t just sit by when I know there’s a man who can literally change the course of history slip through the cracks.

You see, when I see and think about Mike Huckabee, I consider him first and foremost a brother in Christ. He’s not just a “politician” in the worldly sense, but rather a man after God’s own heart that is seeking to serve his country, and my heart goes out to him. Continue reading

Meet Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry & Carrie WigalI’ve written about her before many times, but I want to formally introduce you to my friend, Lynn Terry.

We just recently met for lunch on my way back from visiting family and taking care of some business in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She lives in Tennessee, and like my husband and I, we met online.

She gives a great rundown of our history together on her blog post about Two Work At Home Moms. Check it out!

We met for lunch this time at Cheddars in Cookeville, TN for two hours while Ty and the kids gassed up the van, ate at McDonalds and watched DVDs in the parking lot. I have to thank him again for this sacrifice so we girls could get caught up.

While we’ve only met in person twice over the past 3-1/2 years and spoken over the phone once, we talk pretty regularly online. Mostly it’s about business, but with the way blogging has been in more recent years we sort of chat here and there about our personal lives as well.

Continue reading