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Walking in the Creator’s Ways

For a while now I have been yearning to walk in the ways our Creator intended us to live — to live more naturally.

The Creator and His Ways

I believe the Creator made:

  • the Light, which He separated from the Darkness,
  • the Heavens above our head to include the Sun, Moon and Stars, and Winged Fowl to fly in the face of it,
  • the Land beneath our feet to include Grass, Seed-bearing Plants and Fruit-bearing Trees and Land-based Animals under the care of Mankind to feed off of it, and
  • the Seas that surround us to include a variety of Living Creatures.

I believe the Creator made mankind from the dust of the land with the intention that his life would continue without end.

Man was tasked to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the land and subdue it, and to rule over the fish of the seas, the fowl of the heavens and all living things that moves upon the land, and to eat of the produce of the land.

However, as a result of man’s disobedience to his Creator’s instruction, all mankind was sentenced death, to return to the dust of the land from which he was made.

While I also believe there was a separation that took place between mankind and our Creator as a result of that disobedience, the ways of how we were created to function remained the same.  Continue reading

School Choice: Homeschool, Public or Private

This fall I’m excited to be homeschooling my two preschoolers. A few months ago I met with some homeschooling parents from my church and decided to dive in myself.

Several years ago I had considered homeschooling our oldest when we moved from Oklahoma, but shortly after we closed on our new house I discovered I was pregnant. With the move, and some of the stress we experienced with the purchase of the house and a 9-month already in tow, the added pregnancy was the straw that broke this camel’s back. So we sent him to public school.

When the time came for him to go to middle school, we preferred to send him to a private school (particularly a Christian school). After some poking around we settled on a small Christian school not too far from here. This past year my daughter demonstrated a strong desire to go to school herself and my heart sank at the thought of her “leaving” me and the additional cost for another private tuition. Sorry folks, but I can’t bring myself to send her to Central Elementary.

So, I started toying with the idea of homeschooling again. Our oldest claimed he wanted to be home-schooled as well, since many of his friends at church were, but I wasn’t too sure about that. While I did consider it, I realized there was a better alternative for him at this point in his life, so we sought that opportunity. Thank God, the door opened and he’ll be attending an excellent Christian Academy starting next month.

Meanwhile, my daughter has been chomping at the bit to start school herself. So, we’ve been actively planning the start of our homeschooling year in just a few more weeks. I have a school room set aside for this purpose, and we’re having fun getting it ready. Also, I’ve found a Biblical Preschool Curriculum that I’ll be teaching them. I’m so excited about these opportunities and I look forward to the journey we are all embarking upon.

To read more about my homeschooling escapades, visit Homeschooler Mom. If you’re a homeschooling parent as well, I encourage you to sign up for my email updates over there and let’s stay in touch. It will be fun to bounce ideas back and forth and share our experiences with one another.

Bridging Our Differences

I thought Mike Huckabee was the right man to preside in the Oval Office (and I still do) for many reasons. One in particular was his way of “reaching across the aisle” and connecting with those who share views of opposition.

Unlike some politicians who are willing to compromise moral principles to make political choices, Mike Huckabee preferred to not waiver from his principles.

When he served as Governor of Arkansas for over 10 years, he was a Republican in a very Democratic state. Yet, he was able to accomplish huge successes where his predecessors could not.

Governor Huckabee saw his constituents as fellow Arkansans, not Republicans and Democrats. He was criticized for keeping members from the previous Democratic Governor’s staff on board when he stepped into office. But his position was that if they were willing to continue to work hard for the people of Arkansas, he would continue to employ them.

He was able to recognize and communicate the idea that it was the people at large whom he was serving, not just individuals who shared his same political view or religious faith. Continue reading

Not Your Typical WAHM Blog

I’ve noticed a change in flavor over the past three months on this blog. Originally my intent was to write about “all that matters to me” and I introduced six categories: faith/religion, family, friends, home, politics & work. I thought I’d be addressing mostly family-related issues with a bit of work mingled in, since I’m a work-at-home-mom of four. But the past three months have shown I’ve got a lot more on my mind (& heart) to share with you than that.

So, brace yourselves, this is not a typical work-at-home-mom’s blog. Continue reading

The Bedroom Shuffle

I finally did it… I moved my 2-1/2 year old out of our bedroom and into his recently-turned-4 year old sister’s room. It’s only temporary though. When we finish remodeling a bedroom for our 12 year old, and he moves out of his current room, then the two younger ones can have their own rooms. So now, it’s just my 5-1/2 month old sharing a room with my husband and I. One day we’ll have a room all to ourselves…or at least I hope so. Continue reading

Overcoming the Chaos in My Home

Franny from FlyLady.netSeveral years ago I came across a very special lady and she is most popularly known as FlyLady. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across her, but I am so glad I did. While I haven’t mastered the principles she teaches, I regularly turn to her for help in gaining control of my house and home.

Her homepage starts out with:

Are YOU living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) like Franny in the pink sweats? Do you feel overwhelmed, overextended, and overdrawn? Hopeless and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry friend, we’ve been there, too.

She’s all about de-cluttering our homes (and lives) and establishing daily routines. And her rally cry is “Baby Steps”. We didn’t get into the mess we’re in overnight, therefore we can’t expect to get out of it just as quickly. Instead, if we take baby steps in the right direction, we’ll eventually get a better grip and create order out of chaos. Continue reading