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Back to School Interruption

The kids are back in school…well in my case the kid is back in school. Only this year we’re having to drive him to & fro every day…twenty minutes each way. Needless to say, that swallows up a good portion of our day…what we used to save in “commuting” back and forth to work is now spent driving back and forth to school.

And since the kids are back in school…our steady play date has left us. For the past two months we’ve enjoyed one of the local high school students coming over and playing with our 2- and 3-year olds for four hours a day, five days a week, enabling us to get some work done during the day in addition to the wee-hour schedule we’ve been keeping. And now she’s gone. Continue reading

Working At Home…A Dream Come True

I was just reading something a friend of mine wrote, The Work At Home Dream… Is It Worth The Risk? I couldn’t help but comment on it and then thought of sharing about it here.

Three years ago I started my own website with the idea I could quit my job and work from home while raising my new baby girl. While I didn’t see much in the beginning except a few cents a day, that site was a springboard to our online success.

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