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I’m a 40-something wife married to a 40-something man on a wonderful journey through life.

Carrie2013We are currently raising three school-age kids (one girl and two boys) on our 16+ acre homestead in Virginia. Their oldest brother, my step-son, has already flown the coop.

Growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, with a short stint (a year) in the city, I spent many summers visiting my Grandparents’ farm in rural Central Virginia secretly wishing to be a country-girl, but without all the dirt and bugs.

I was raised in a Christian home, attended various public schools throughout my childhood, and attained a BS degree in Accounting from Oral Roberts University, in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1991. Upon graduation, I spent my 20’s and early 30’s pursuing a childhood dream of acting on stage and building a career in accounting.

Professional Headshot of Carrie Johnson from the mid 1990s.

Performed on stages across northern NJ and NYC 1991-1996, and NC 1997-2000 as Carrie Johnson.

In early 2000, I met my husband on the internet, and we were married in late 2001. I became an instant stepmom to a wonderful 6 year old boy, whom we raised together until he was 15.

In late 2003 I gave birth to my first daughter and decided I did not want to go back to work. So, I left my accounting job in the summer of 2004, bought my grandparents’ property, and moved back east to be closer to my family and pursued a Work-At-Home-Mom status on the Internet.

A year later I gave birth to my next child, a boy, and struggled alone at home to raise two small children (15 months apart) and an active 10-year-old, while my husband practically single-handedly ran a retail wallpaper store.

In mid-2006 my husband left the store and joined me at home to work full-time on the Internet. Today we enjoy both being home to raise our children and building a sustainable homestead together. Oh… and we had another baby in July 2007.

My Online Writing Career

Right around the birth of my first child, I started a memoir-writing website because:

  • I love to write, and I wanted to find a way to earn a living from home.
  • I believe that our life experiences matter and everyone has a story to tell.
  • I felt called to encourage and help others share their life stories.

So, I provided a venue for folks to increase their faith in their own story-telling abilities, to gain knowledge and inspiration on how to accomplish that, to read samples of others’ life stories, and to submit stories from their own lives, and I published them on my site.

[Enter the Blogosphere]

And then blogging became the new craze, and I decided to take the plunge and start my own. (You’re reading it now.)

I wrote about the things that mattered most to me at the time as they pertained to faith, family and freedom in Central Virginia.  You can see many of these posts in the Archives of this site. As you’ll find, I leaned heavily towards the topics of Religion and Politics.

In 2010, my passions turned away from these institutions of men, and more toward the ways of the Creator, and I shifted the focus of this blog.

In that year I started studying the Bible more voraciously, seeking to understand its contents and how I fit in all of that. When I began to have some startling revelations and sought to share them with my peers, I found it difficult to find folks willing to discuss them. So I turned to the world wide web.

First, I shared my new insights on Facebook, then with more details on this blog, and ultimately I started a new blog dedicated to my new identity: Messyanic Misfit.

The Journey of Life

I believe that we are all on a journey in this life. The beginning of which starts at the time of our birth, and our destination arrival takes place upon our death.

headerAll that falls between point A and point B is the road we’re on.

Forks in the Road

We all come across forks in the road from time to time, and we are presented with choices as to which path to take. Sometimes these paths take us in a completely new direction, and sometimes we continue in the same general one.


I’ve found in my journey that many of these paths intertwine and oftentimes take us back to the road we were initially on, but then sometimes they just veer off completely, towards another road.

In my view, the Creator is the Source of our lives, and He has a purpose and plan for all of us collectively as well as each one of us individually.  I choose to look to Him to lead me on my personal journey, understanding we all have our own individual journeys to make,

My hope is that we will all reach the final destination our Maker has in mind for us.

I consider the Bible to be an authority in my life, because I believe it holds truths regarding the Creator and His plan for His creation, so I study it intently, and I share what I learn as I learn it.

The Road Less Traveled

Personally, I believe I’ve been heading in the same general direction all my life, though to others it may appear that I have veered off in the wrong direction. But I think I’m just taking a road less traveled. 😉


Messyanic Misfits is a community of folks who believe that the Jesus of the Bible is the Messiah (Anointed Man over mankind) of the Creator God. While we may not all be on the same path, I believe we are all taking roads less traveled heading in the same general direction.

The Ways of the Creator

During the course of this journey, my husband and I have always sought to take what we’ve been learning regarding the ways of the Creator and our role in creation as a member of mankind, and continually apply it to the management of our own lives, family and homestead.

In 2016, we began to share how we’re doing this on a practical level at WiggleCulture.com.

My personal desire is to inspire and encourage others from all walks of life to:

  • Embrace the Commission for Mankind.
  • Consult our Creator continually. 
  • Forego the herd mentality of going with the flow of society.
  • Walk the path the Creator sets before you to the best of your understanding.

If any of this sounds good to you, then please Explore my Websites and  Stay in Touch with me.

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12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Carrie Wigal

    Hi David,

    Your picture is what caught my eye. It’s great to see you so involved in local politics. I’m just getting my feet wet the past few months concerning local issues here. The presidential race has got my interest peaked at this point, so I’m doing what I can to educate myself on the candidates and DO something about what I learn. So far, I really like Mike Huckabee.

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Tara Ruocco

    Hi Carrie-
    I saw your email on Classmates. How are you? I see you are pretty busy with family.
    I live in Maryland. Half way between DC and Baltimore. Are you by your grandparents house? I remember taking a trip to visit them.
    Write me back. Would love to chat.

  3. Carrie Wigal

    Hey Tara,

    I wrote you back a few weeks ago, but I think yahoo is blocking my email or putting it into a spam folder.

    It was great to hear from you!

    Actually I’m living in my grandparents’ house. We bought it 3-1/2 years ago…they both have passed away now.

  4. Billie Russell

    I’m trying to purchase the film “Border: The Divide Between the American Dream and the American Nightmare”. I wasn’t able to purchase it online because my credit card was denied. Sometimes this happens because of the merchant code. Do you know who I can contact to purchase this documentary? We could receive it by it being shipped/billed or by receiving an invoice and pre-payment. We would need a federal ID number.

    [contact information edited for privacy]

  5. Denise

    Hi Carrie,

    I think it’s very interesting that you have decided to dedicate some of your time and energy to writing this blog. I actually stumbled upon it randomly and I was curious. I am a moderately liberal democrat. I often find myself angrily misunderstanding people that share your views on gay marriage and abortion because I don’t think that it is any of their business. I myself could never get an abortion, and I do agree that once you engage in sexual intercourse you are putting yourself in a situation where you could end up conceiving. I just don’t think that it is any of my business to tell some other woman who is not responsible enough to have a child, or doesn’t have the money for it, to have a child. I grew up in a very diverse area where many kids did not get proper support and care form their parents and the results are devastating. It makes me angry that wealthy republicans always argue for adoption and keeping a child when they don’t quite understand the plight of the poorer less fortunate man. I also don’t understand your views on gay marriage. If you should be able to get married, why not two men or two women? Almost all of the heterosexual relationships that I know of have ended in divorce, but the homosexual partnerships last for years. Why should you, some happily married with children and a family, want to deny someone else of that just because you don’t think that there relationship is right in the eyes of God? On another note, If gay people were able to get married, they could then adopt all of those pro-life babies that you want put up for adoption. I don’t mean to berate you, and I certainly don’t think I can change the way you think, but I’m writing because I think it’s the only way we can save our country from some of the ignorance that gets spread around on both sides of the political spectrum.

  6. Carrie Wigal

    Hi Denise,

    Thank you for taking the time to voice your comments. I truly appreciate your honesty and civility in sharing your position.

    Unfortunately since both of these issues, abortion & homosexuality, are so highly controversial, folks on both sides of the issues tend to get extreme and downright nasty when communicating their views on the subject. I know I have to keep myself in check.

    In my first attempt to respond to your comment, I wrote a really long piece. After further consideration I wasn’t sure you’d be interested in reading through all that, so I tried to condense my thoughts to this:

    As for minding our own business, I believe there is a time to do so and then there are times to act. Abortion is one of those times to act. Look at this example to try and understand where I’m coming from:

    When we’re in a restaurant and a child misbehaves at the next table, we do nothing expecting the parents to take care of the situation. When we see and hear the parents scolding that child or being unusually abrasive in their language to their child, again we don’t jump in because it’s not our business. But if we see a man or a woman pull a gun out or hold a knife to the child’s throat, should we act? Are we supposed to take comfort in the thought of “I wouldn’t do that to my child, but it’s not my business to tell them not to shoot or stab theirs.”?

    In the extreme case of physical abuse, especially when it’s a matter of life and death…I believe it is most certainly our business to intervene and help the helpless.

    Regarding the lack of understanding between the different economic and political classes, I agree there is certainly a lack of understanding on both sides.

    I really wish we as a country could break out of the habit of labeling people and seeing one another as equal in the eyes of God. We all have mouths to feed, bodies to clothe and hopes/dreams for the future. We as a country have to come together as one nation…politics, economics and race aside. I pray that is still possible.

    Regarding abortion, adoption and/or raising a child in dire circumstances…I don’t believe killing babies is the answer. Efforts should be made to provide a better life for our nation’s children, not throw everything we have into destroying those lives through legalized abortion.

    Concerning marriage…it is simply between a man and a woman. The idea that redefining it to include anything more than that is even being considered churns my stomach. I’m not saying two people can’t love each other and make a commitment to one another. I certainly don’t deny any law-abiding citizen their rights as an American, but I don’t agree with re-writing the law in this country to change something so fundamental as the definition of “marriage”.

    If you’d like to read what I originally wrote in response to your comment, you can do so here. Either way, thank you again for stopping by and communicating your view. Have a great day!



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